Insurance Fraud – Gibson Les Paul Guitar

A Poconos pastor charged with insurance fraud for allegedly claiming a 1959 Gibson Les Paul guitar worth $235,000, was stolen from his church office, has opened many eyes about “who” commits insurance fraud.

The pastor claimed the $235,000 guitar was stolen from his office, along with a $19,500 1982 Fender Stratocaster guitar and a $2,500 1985 Telecaster guitar, as well as a $400 1996 Korg M-1 keyboard.

The alleged April 1, 2009, event enabled the pastor to seek payment from Motorists Insurance Group, which covered him for up to $104,370, and from Selective Insurance Company, which covered the church for up to $5,000.

RE/CON’s John Henry investigated the case, discovering the pastor never owned the Les Paul guitar. His documented photo (as proof of ownership) was, in fact, a much less valuable 1970s model.

After a thorough investigation, Henry uncovered the fraud and confronted the pastor, who then confessed he never owned a 1959 Gibson.

Henry determined the 1959 Gibson in question (according to the specified serial number given) was never owned by the pastor but was instead owned by a millionaire in New York state.

“I use this case again and again when training investigators, teaching them that anyone, and I mean ‘anyone’ is capable of committing a crime, including insurance fraud,” says Henry, president of the RE/CON Group.

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