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From fire investigations to special investigations and background checks, the RE/CON Group is more than your average private investigative firm.


The RE/CON Group is one of the most highly-qualified and trusted private investigative firms in the field, and we have client testimony to prove it.


Our investigative skill and expert surveillance has resulted in our successfully solving case after case, saving our clients millions in fraud.


Insurance Fraud

You might be surprised to find out the story behind this 1959 Gibson Les Paul guitar worth more than $235,000. The RE/CON Group uncovered the truth about this notorious insurance claim in Pennsylvania opened that opened many eyes about “who” commits insurance fraud.

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Meet John Henry

John M HenryPresident / Operations+
John Henry is a career insurance investigator with more than two decades of experience in special investigation unit operations. An industry
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Our Services

Fire Investigations

Whether a residential structure, a multi-unit complex, a commercial warehouse, an explosion, or a vehicle; our highly-trained and experienced investigators analyze fire scene evidence utilizing the most-advanced, scientific methodologies.

Special Investigations

From simple theft cases to complex insurance fraud schemes, child custody, or litigation support, our special investigations unit is highly qualified and uniquely experienced to handle a wide spectrum of investigations and incidents.

HR Investigative Support

Whether workers compensation and FMLA fraud, or internal HR investigations, pre-employment background checks, and social media research; we uncover the difficult-to-find information your team needs to make informed decisions.


Our experienced investigators are equipped with the latest covert surveillance technologies and tools that enable us to secure the well-documented results our clients require and demand. Video evidence is our #1 priority.

Intel-X - Green

Robust Social Media Investigations

Intel-X is a robust deep web mining online investigative tool that strengthens investigations. Using deep web techniques and a patent-pending algorithm, Intel-X is a real-time social media mining software dedicated to retrieving difficult-to-find data.

Base Intel-X reports start at $250.

Why Choose Us?

Proven Record

Case after case of providing solid answers is what keeps our clients coming back.  We’re proud of our proven record and we plan to protect it, by doing our absolute best for you.

Quality Results

The results of an investigation should be pure, truthful, and actionable in a court of law. And that’s precisely what you are going to get with the RE/CON Group.  Every time.

Industry Leaders

The RE/CON Group is under the expert management of seasoned investigators known as industry leaders with unparalleled experience in their respective fields.

Advanced Training

From hands-on training with the nation’s leading experts to in-the-field investigative instruction, our experienced investigators are among the most highly-trained in the industry.


Communication is key to any successful business relationship. At the RE/CON Group we’re dedicated to the task of keeping our clients up-to-date on our investigative progress.


We’re one of the most “equipped” investigative firms in the Northeast.  From advanced surveillance technologies to a 50HP Kabota Backhoe, we’ve got the tools to get the job done.


A good investigator has to have a level of passion and intensity that will result in investigative excellence.  Passion and intensity describe each and everyone of our investigators.

Extra Mile

We don’t take short cuts.  In fact, we often surprise our clients when they learn we’re willing to employ door-to-door interviews and tedious inspection, to uncover evidence.

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